Monday, June 18, 2012


School is out again for the summer. It’s time for lazy days, long car rides, and  perhaps some time relaxing by the water- whether it’s at the community pool, the sprinkler in the backyard, or a trip to the beach.

I was recently reminded of a drawing exercise I used to do as a child that would be perfect to pass the time on those long trips or rainy days.  It also works as a fundamental drawing exercise for art students of any age, illustrating how all objects can be broken down into simple geometric and organic shapes.

Draw 6-8 squares on a piece of plain white paper. Without thinking too much, quickly draw a random shape in each square.  Have children create funny, scary or realistic characters using each shape in the squares.

Next, use each character doodle as a starting point for a story. What is the character’s name and where do they live? What are they doing? Do they have a special friend or an enemy?  Have two or more of the characters go on an adventure together and see what happens! Stories can be told orally or written down and shared.

Enjoy the summer and happy doodling!

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  1. I love this creative idea for beginning drawings and storytelling. Thanks for the inspiration!