Monday, September 24, 2012


What makes you thrum? After my sister read my latest book, Guitar Notes, she told me how crucial it is to ask yourself: What makes my soul thrum? She was using the word I use in the book to describe the profound feeling of joy and connection that my characters get when they are playing music. They feel the thrum, the soul's vibration.

This is my assignment for all teachers. Ask yourself: What is my biggest passion? What makes my soul thrum? Is it reading a great novel? Is it paddling your canoe on a quiet pond? Is it singing in your church or temple choir? Is it putting on a puppet play with four-year-olds? Get out an index card and your #2 pencil and write down what makes your soul thrum. Do it. There is something about writing down a passion that facilitates a commitment to that passion. Tape it to the wall by your desk in your classroom. Ponder ways you can find and share your thrum as often as possible. The richest teaching comes when a student sees an adult who is passionate and unceasing in the quest for deep joy.

Guitar Notes, my new novel about the power of music:

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