Monday, January 14, 2013


Happy New Year to all you Pencil Tippers out there! For my own part, I’m resolving to be more resourceful with my writing time. To that end, my first post of 2013 will be more about recycling old words than producing new ones.

Specifically, I’m going to lead you to my website, where there are some fun tips for young writers. (Since I teach writing to college students these days, the page has been sadly neglected of late.) Be forewarned that one of my characters has intruded on this particular page of my website, but young minds will likely relate better to her than to me. And, hey, you can use it as a springboard to a discussion of that whole “meta” fiction thing—Lemony Snicket, Cornelia Funke, various comic books, too many TV shows…. Don’t despair, though, if that sounds too weird; the writing tips you’ll find on the site are quite straightforward: alliteration, exaggeration, onomatopoeia, and vocabulary. Sound usable? Go to, and click on the “yeah, write” tab.

But, really, you don’t even have to leave this blog to reuse/recycle ideas for teaching some of these same skills and devices. For “Amazing Alliteration” go back to Laura Krauss Melmed’s post of 11/28/11, or Jacqueline Jules’ “Tips for Writing Poetry” from 4/9/12. For a neat take on using exaggeration, see Pam Smallcomb’s 3/7/11 post, “Writing Tall.”

 Best wishes for a year of wonderful wordsmithery!

(Hm…maybe neologisms would be a fun topic for next time.)

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