Monday, September 2, 2013


Wishing you were in Hawaii, but can’t pay for those plane tickets? Just bring that wonderful weather to your local area with just a click of a button. That heavy rainfall will transport to Hawaii, or wherever you want, and that wonderful weather will transport to you! Get the Weather Mover Máquinas today! –Laila

Looking for a lesson that combines science, persuasive writing, and fun? Then look no further than the Weather Machine Lesson developed by fourth grade teacher extraordinaire, Jessica Barber.

I had the pleasure of visiting Jessica’s classroom and seeing the pride and excitement over the fantastic Weather Machines her students had created.

Is it too bright outside? Are the clouds that are blocking the sun annoying you? Well then if this is the case the cloud controllinator 8,674 will come in handy. The cloud controllinator 8,674 (CC 8,674) can make or remove clouds in the sky. You have the option of storm clouds, rain clouds or no storm clouds.—Avery

Jessica begins her lesson with a readaloud from an out-of-print book called Everyone Always Complains About the Weather by Truman Vega. However, your own favorite picture book about inventions should do just fine. The idea is to get your students thinking about inventions, particularly fanciful ones.

Next, Jessica tells her students they will be creating their own weather machine. She lets them begin formulating ideas by drawing a picture. Here is an example from a student named Catherine who created the Weather Wisher 2000.

Starting with the fact that this machine only costs $20.00, and if you act now you can get 50% off! Also every customer gets free shipping and handling. It also is solar powered, so it doesn’t make your electric bill go off the chart. But it will still work perfectly when it's raining because it stores half its energy, when it’s charging. — Catherine

The following day, Jessica gives her students a goal. You must describe your machine in a way that will make others want to buy it. The class discusses commercials. She shows a few examples. The commercials for products only available on TV may stimulate the most entertaining pieces.

For a payment of only 75 dollars plus 12 dollars for shipping and handling and an extra 20 dollars, cause we say so. If you chip in a donation of any amount we’ll throw in a free Spongebob limited edition movie! What a snag! –Abi

To develop ideas, Jessica gives her students a graphic organizer to list positive features of their weather invention and ways to refute any possible arguments against its purchase.

You may be wondering, will it run out of fuel eventually? Well your answer is no, the Storm Master 7006 does not even take fuel! It is eco friendly and is charged with electricity. With the plug we provide for you, just plop it into an electrical socket and the power will be up in under 24 hours! It also holds its energy for a week! But if the Storm Master 7006 is low in power while in the air, don't worry! It gains electricity from lightning strikes by redirecting the strikes to its beacon up top, re-powering it completely from a single strike! – Niko

The graphic organizer includes boxes for students to put an introductory paragraph with an interesting lead, the body of the story, and a concluding statement. Jessica spends at least a day on practicing and sharing introductions and day on strong conclusions. Students practice multiple versions of introductions and conclusions, using the class feedback to help to pick their favorite one. 

With the Storm Master 7006, the gloominess of the rain will vanish! Guaranteed a rainbow after every storm!!!!—Niko

Try this lesson today! You won’t be sorry!

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