Monday, February 24, 2014


Stop thinking about the inconvenience, the cold, and the dirty slush.  Focus on the beauty of snow for a lesson in your classroom. Show your students this picture or one like it with footprints in the snow. Start  a group story.

Who made the footprints? A man? Woman? Child? Boy or girl?

How old is the person? Tall? Short? Dark-Haired or Blonde? Eye Color?

What is the person wearing? Coat? Strong boots? Hat? Mittens? What color are they?

Or is he/she not dressed warmly enough? Is snow falling on his/her hair and shoulders? Is he shivering?

Where is that person going? Going home?  To visit a friend? On an important errand? A long journey?

How long has the person been walking? A few minutes or over an hour?

What is on the person's mind? Happy? Sad? Excited? Nervous? Worried?

What will happen when that person arrives? What will he/she see, smell, touch, taste, and hear?

Who will the person talk to? A person? A pet? A ghost?

Will the person go back out in the cold or go to sleep?

Will it continue to snow outside? Will the footprints be covered? Or will they be there the next morning?

Encourage your students to brainstorm as a group and then ask them to write their own stories.

Pictures of snow prints naturally inspire imaginative thoughts. Photograph the next winter storm and share the pictures with your class. Better yet, ask your students to take pictures of their own for inspiration.

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