Monday, July 7, 2014


It’s summer and many of us are going on vacation or taking time to visit friends or relatives. You may be traveling by train, plane, boat, car, motorcycle, skateboard, or perhaps by foot. You might explore wonders of nature, ride wild roller coasters, or visit your favorite cousins. Vacation experiences vary for each of us depending on how you travel, where you go, what you do, and, of course, who you see or meet on your trip.

Variations on a Vacation

List four basic facts about your vacation:
1.     How you traveled
2.     Where you visited
3.     Where you stayed
4.     What you did (Name at least one activity or vacation experience.)

1.     Pittsburgh to see relatives
2.     In a plane and a car
3.     Visited grandparents
4.     Saw a wild bird habitat

Condense your vacation facts into a short travel poem:

A plane,
car ride, too.
Curvy roads to
hug so sweet.
Tweet! Tweet!
Look! An aviary
full of beautiful,         
singing birds.
Feathers fluttering…
Family fun.

Write a paragraph in first person with more personal details:
I traveled on a plane to Pittsburgh. At the airport, my family rented a car to visit my grandparents. Grandma is sweet and she made sweet donuts for us, too. Yum! We went to a bird habitat called an aviary to see cool birds. I saw a penguin and even an eagle. It was awesome! We took lots of bird pictures and then our family got dressed up and went out for fancy dinner for my grandparent’s anniversary. I ate chocolate cake. Yum! It’s my favorite!

Write another variation in third person to add in more narrative details:
One summer evening, a young girl and her family flew far from her home on a jet plane to Pittsburgh, a large city in western Pennsylvania. After gathering their luggage, they rented a minivan and drove along a highway and many hills and curving streets to a lovely red brick house with a big tree in the front yard. The girl’s grandparents welcomed them with hugs. They had homemade donuts and milk for a good night snack. Early the next morning they went to visit an amazing aviary, where the girl saw birds from all over the world including a bald eagle. “It’s beautiful!” she exclaimed. The family took photos of many birds they saw that day, including penguins, pelicans, and even an ostrich. They went to a special dinner at an elegant restaurant, to celebrate their grandparent’s 35th anniversary, where the girl ate chocolate cake for dessert.
Try using dialogue only to share your vacation memory or imagine your vacation in the style of a comic book and add drawings with the words. What other fun variations can you write to describe your vacation?

Have a wonderful summer vacation!

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