Monday, August 18, 2014


School may have started where you live, or it will start soon, but you can keep summer memories strong and celebrate the season to come, too. This easy and fun writing exercise encourages students to use personal experiences to compare and contrast the seasons of summer and autumn.

Write your favorite summer activity.
Example: Swimming at the local pool

Write five personal facts about that activity.           
Swimming helps me keep cool on a hot day.
It’s fun splashing with my friends.
I like to dive off the side of the pool.
I came in third in the backstroke race in my age group.
My arms are strong from swimming. 

Write your favorite summer food.
Example: Watermelon

Write five personal facts about that food.
It tastes sweet.
It’s cool in my mouth on a hot day.
I like to collect watermelon seeds.
I planted a whole cup of seeds in my yard.
It’s fun to eat watermelon with my hands.

Write your favorite autumn activity.
Making a leaf pile in my back yard.

Write five facts about that activity.
I help my family rake leaves in our yard.
I like to pile the leaves next to an old tree stump in our backyard.
Jumping into a giant pile of leaves is fun.
One leaf pile I made was taller than my dad.
My dog likes to hide in a leaf pile.

Write your favorite autumn food.
Apple pie

Write five facts about that food.
My family goes to a farm to pick apples for pies.
Fresh apples off a tree are fun to pick and crunchy to eat.
I help my mom make crusts for pies.
Apple pie makes our house smell like cinnamon when it’s baking in the oven.
Warm apple pie makes vanilla ice cream melt, but it tastes great together.

Use the personal experience facts you’ve listed to write a convincing explanation for readers why you believe one of these seasons is more enjoyable than the other.

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