Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Writing Ideas

Have you put up any holiday decorations? There are people like Martha Stewart who knows how to trim a Christmas tree. Of course she does. When writers are writing, we work to trim our stories to make them shine. After our first “sloppy copy” we must revise. We revise and revise...and revise. Revising a story into shape can be as prickly as decorating a cactus. Warning: Don’t try this unless you’re a cartoon character!

Story Trimming
1)     Write one page about a gift you hope to receive this year.
2)     Include six to ten reasons you want this item and add details why this gift is so special.
Example: I want a new bicycle because I’ve grown taller and my old bike is too small for me.
I want a bright yellow bicycle so it shines when I ride on a sunny day.
3)   Trim your page down to half a page (about two paragraphs). Choose which reasons and details you most want to share about this special gift.
4)   Finally, trim your shiny story to only one sentence. This sentence is the “star” of your story and should show the main idea or theme of what you most want to share about this gift. It may be the very first detail you thought of, or it may be something newly discovered as you’ve trimmed and revised your page about this special gift.

Whatever gifts you receive this year, Pencil Tips Writing Workshop wishes you all the happiest of holidays!


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