Monday, June 8, 2015


Alphabet books fill the children’s shelves at libraries and bookstores. They are easily found in book bargain bins at local retail and grocery stores. Teachers and parents pull out popular ABC picture books to use in teaching letter recognition to young readers. Authors who write for children love ABC books, too. Every picture book author I know has attempted to write an ABC story, or many, even though these are hard to sell to editors since there is always glut of these titles in the marketplace. Still, new ABC books appear every year, and if the illustrations are fun like Miss Spider’s ABC by David Kirk, or sweet like Margaret Wise Brown’s Sleepy ABC, with pictures by Karen Katz, we’ll eagerly add more of these books to our collection.

Write your ABCs
Challenge your students to write their own ABC into a fun story poem.
Alliteration is a great way to inspire ideas and it certainly can add to the ABC fun. Long or short sentences are fine. It’s your choice.

Short sentence example: Apes ate ants.

Longer sentence example: Alice’s alligator ate apricots and asparagus at an Albany assembly.

Use your favorite activities (sports, hobbies) to help inspire ABC ideas, too.

Alex aced archery.
Beth bounced basketballs.
Carlos caught catfish.
Dean dove deep.

Once you’ve completed your letter list, if you’re inspired, add drawings to create your own ABC picture book.

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