Monday, July 20, 2015


It’s summer and when you’re not outside enjoying the beach or eating ice cream, you might be heading inside to cool off at a movie. Inside Out is the new animated feature from Disney Pixar and it’s worth your time to see this delightful film. This is no movie review, but when a story engages your emotions, whether in a book or a film, it’s something you want to share with others.

What’s your joy this summer? Is it a special vacation with your family? Biking with friends? Camping under the stars? Some people may prefer body-surfing at the beach, while others enjoy a lazy afternoon under a tree reading a new book.

Joy comes to each of us differently, and if you see Inside Out, a part of the film’s theme is how the feeling of joy or extreme happiness is deeply appreciated, especially after a sad or disappointing experience.


Write about something that brings you joy in the summer. What makes you smile on a nice summer day?
Example: A perfect summer afternoon at a baseball game with your favorite cousin. Expand by describing the sights, sounds, smells, and experiences at this baseball game that help make you feel joyful.

Write about the opposite of your joyful experience.
Example: It begins to rain at the baseball game, stopping all play, and your favorite cousin’s train is delayed and he won’t make it after all. Expand details to show the elements of this experience, which bring sadness.

Write how joy returns after feeling sad.
Example: Perhaps the rain stops, a rainbow appears, and the baseball game continues. Best of all, your cousin arrives to surprise you at the game. Write details to show how this joy is fuller now, because it’s more appreciated after the sadness you experienced.


  1. I spent the entire summer with my family at home. Things were more brightened with our newborn baby girl after 10 years long wait since my first born came out. Hoping for an outdoor experience next summer and to such things we missed out.

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