Monday, November 2, 2015

Writing Connections with Jon Scieszka

Make writing and science fun with Jon Scieszka!  His latest book is the third in his zany Frank Einstein series.  In Frank Einstein and the Brainturbo, students can hang out with Frank’s two wacky robot sidekicks and learn about the human body.  In an interviewwith the KidsPost section of the WashingtonPost, Scieszka talks about encouraging curiosity and his favorite facts about the body.

MAKE YOUR OWN HUMAN:  Frank creates a kind of super-charged brain.  As a class, students might create their own human.

Research:  Assign each student a certain part of the human body to research.  Ask each to find and write down three facts for his or her body part.

Writing:  Ask each student to write down two things that might happen if his particular part of the body were super-charged or made bigger or better than real life?  What would that body part then be able to do?  Ask each student to draw a picture of his/her super-charged body part.  What might happen if a villain tried to grab and run away with it?  Why would a villain want it?  How might the student (as a zany kid scientist) save it?

Sharing:  Teacher might have a silhouette of the human body on  the bulletin board, and students might post one or all of their true facts on the bulletin board.  In this way, students can learn about the intricate work of many organs and body parts.

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