Monday, April 9, 2018

HIC! HIC! Writing about the Hiccups

Hiccups are funny! They happen to everyone! An experience everyone can relate to makes a great writing prompt for a personal narrative. It can also give your students an opportunity to write humor since hiccups often create a funny situation.

In my new book, Hector’s Hiccups, Sofia and her cousin, Hector plan to attend a movie with Abuela. They are all ready to go when they realize Hector has the hiccups. Abuela tries to cure Hector with a lemon and other remedies. Sofia tries to help by holding her breath with Hector. HIC! HIC! Now Sofia has the hiccups, too. Abuela suggests a change of plans and soon they are all dancing in the kitchen. Who says the hiccups can’t be fun?

After reading Hector’s Hiccups to your class, ask your students to describe a day when they experienced the hiccups. Ask them to consider the following questions to expand their narrative.

1.    Describe the time of day and what you were doing when the hiccups started.
2.    Did you change your plans or keep on with whatever you were doing?
3.    Did you get the hiccups in a place where you were supposed to be quiet?
4.    How long did your hiccups last?
5.    Were you embarrassed? Frustrated? Or did you laugh?   
6.    Did others try to help you?
7.    What is your favorite cure for hiccups?
8.    Did you learn something from the experience?

Happy Writing!

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