Monday, August 5, 2013


You may visit exciting new places or spend time seeing family on summer vacation. Wherever you travel, you're bound to hear: "It's hot!" or "It's rainy." You might even hear, "It's August! Why is it so cool outside?" Something everyone in this world has in common is the weather. "A dark and stormy night" is a famous story beginning from a novel (Paul Clifford) written in the 1800's, and setting a scene using weather is no less important in fiction and non-fiction books today. Try these writing challenges anytime of the year for some weather writing fun.

Sizzling Summer
It's the hottest day on record. Write one page about the hottest day of the year without using the word "hot." It's harder than you think.

Icy, snowy, cold. Think about the coldest you've ever felt in your life. Write one paragraph to make readers shiver.

Falling Leaves
Whoosh, it's windy! Why do some leaves fall and others don't? Choose a tree in your yard or near your school. Can you find out what kind of tree it is? Do the leaves change and fall in the autumn? Write an autumn poem about this tree. 

Flower Shower
Spring, green, rain. What puts the bounce in spring for you? Do you splash in the puddles or avoid them? Do flowers make you smile or make you sneeze? It's the first day of spring and you're going to plant a garden. Write a description about this new spring day and details about what you're planting and why.

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