Monday, October 5, 2015

Illustrated Quotes

In many of my older blog posts, I've talked about exercises and projects for students which incorporate art and words. Picture books, short stories and poems all provide inspiration for countless ways words and art can be combined.

Even more challenging, is illustrating a quote that may only be one or two sentences long. Characters, setting, and action are not always described in these few short lines. A quote can be illustrated with colors, symbols, drawings, photographs or collage. The art will not necessarily depict the quote word for word, but convey it's overall meaning, emotion, or advice. 

Art by Joan Waites

For a classroom exercise, have your students pick a quote from a favorite artist, author, pop culture or historical figure. Provide a variety of materials students can use to illustrate their quote. Basic art supplies, magazines, found papers, fabric and 3-D objects can all be used. Remind students to choose imagery, colors, and composition to illuminate what was said, or the person who said it. Have students incorporate the actual quote into their art work, or paste it below their piece.

Happy Fall!

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