Monday, October 12, 2015

Halloween Writing Challenge: What’s Your Wand?

Wizards carry wands, Jedi knights use light sabers, and superheroes sometimes wear capes. The chances are very good that you’ll see a few wands, light sabers, and capes this Halloween. Popular wizards, Jedi knights, and superheroes were first created by authors or writers of comics or screenplays. Clothing items and props, that characters carry or wear, not only become useful in key or climatic moments in a story but these elements are part of what make characters memorable for readers.

Writing challenge: What’s your wand?

Harry Potter needs his wand to battle evil wizards and help his friends at Hogwarts.

Look around your school.
Pick one item you see or use every day and imagine it has special super powers.
Write a one-page (or longer) story using this item to help save your class from danger.

The clouds covered the playground at recess, but it wasn’t rain.
I was still in the cafeteria, finishing my lunch when my special tray began to glow and rattle around on the table. “Uh, oh!” The peas spilled out and rolled around in front of my eyes. Trouble!
A giant roar shook our entire school building. I flipped my food tray over and gripped the edge and raced out to the playground. The tray molded into a fierce Frisbee in my hand. I was ready to face the dark dragon roaring at my friends.

To be continued…

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