Monday, October 19, 2015


What child (or adult) has not had trouble making up his or her mind?  Dr. Seuss in his posthumously published book What Pet Should I Get? delightfully captures this common dilemma in trademark Seuss rhyme and illustrations. This picture book would be a perfect read aloud and prompt for a personal narrative writing exercise.

·       Can you describe a time when you had trouble making up your mind?
·       Did you ever end up with nothing because you couldn’t choose just one thing?
·       What factors made your decision difficult?
·       Did you make your final decision alone or with the help of someone else?
·       How did you feel when you finally chose?
·       Did you regret your decision later?

Students can brainstorm as a class with the questions above before writing individual essays. Encourage students to write about situations beyond choosing a pet. Make lists of all the things people make decisions about on a daily basis. ie: clothes, food, television shows. Discuss times when students have made a decision to please someone else, like buying a gift or planning a party. Name important decisions people make during their lives. ie: choosing a school,  a house, a car, a job, a spouse. Decision making is an integral part of our lives and something we do on a daily, even hourly basis.

And trouble making up your mind is an experience students from all backgrounds can relate to, making it a slam dunk prompt for writing personal narratives.

Happy Writing!

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